Who is Ken Chan?

Twenty seven years old Ken Chan believes that marriage is more than a journey of life. It is a promise, a vow, and a lifetime commitment for him to give his very best to the person he loves and wishes to walk this journey with.

With this concept in mind, Ken made it his duty and mission to offer his best solution to his clients who came to him for their wedding videos.

What differentiates us from other wedding production house is that we look for shots instead of creating shots for the guests from the interaction of the couples. It is common that wedding video producer requests for the wedding couples to post for shots, making the scene unnatural. But for us, we would look for the best candid shots that we could find when the couple is interacting with each other, to highlight the chemistry and intimacy between the husband and wife, creating the moments that all wedding couples are looking for in their wedding clips,” explained Ken, producer and principal advisor of Ken Chan Production.

To Ken, every wedding couple who has decided to work with him is his friend. “I treat every assignment as the wedding of my friend and acquaintance, making sure that everything is perfect. Nothing means more to the bride and groom than their big day. Hence, it is important to record down every moment with special care and extensive creativity, when needed.



Over the years, Ken Chan Production has produced countless wedding videos filled with heart-warming moments. To Ken, every video is unique with the exclusive touch painted across it by the loving and caring interaction between the couple. Therefore, all of his wedding highlights are one-of-its-kind when it comes to Ken Chan’s production.

Below are a few personal selections from the producer for your viewing. 

Featured Videos

Chinese Weddings

Chinese believes that Gold is the symbol of extravagance; representing wealth, riches, and excess. It brings cheerful or somber while contributing to the emblem of traditional. It is also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic and wisdom. With this, the couple has selected Gold as their main theme color to represent their love for each other.

The newly wed couple pledged to share their love, compassion, passion and wealth together as they walk down the aisle into the next chapter of their life, with courage and wisdom, shedded under the magical touch that would keep the chemistry between them alive as they take each other under their care as husband and wife.

We wish for Sze Liang and Ser Sian to enjoy every golden moments together from now on. Wishing you a blissful and shimmering wedding.

Garden Weddings

There's a Chinese saying: "Men should not reveal their tears at all moments". Having said this, Lionel just could not hold his strong love for Joanne during their big day when he made his promise to his bride. Pledging his vow in tears, every one was touched by his words.

Moved by his vow, his beautiful wife pledged: "I will always love you, to care for you, and to comfort you. I promise you to be your number 1 cheerleader in life."

Supported by a great "ji mui' group dressed up in cheerleader's outfits, it is no doubt that Joanne will definitely play the best role as Lionel's top cheerleader in life. Let's cheer on for this lovely couple.

Church Weddings

College life has always been the best! Free from stringent guidelines and disciplines that high schools had; For some, away from home to start an independent life without parental monitoring; Meeting new friends at the campus; Having fun around the clock even if you still had to wake up for classes at eight the next morning. Hann too, was like all the youngsters who enjoyed their college life, mischievousness yet brave to approach what he wanted. 

One day while walking along the college’s hallway, he saw this beautiful girl in yellow dress. Hesitated for a few seconds, he took courageous steps toward her to start a conversation. Even at the young age of 18, he saw something in her that he knew he should not forego. Eight years later, she was there, by his side, making their vow together, to be husband and wife. He promised: "As a ring has no end, by God’s grace, neither will my love for you." Touched with tears in her eyes and a shaky voice, the lovely bride thanked her groom for loving her whole-heartedly. 
In sickness and in health, these college sweet hearts pledged to continue loving each other, for many more eight years to go. Witness the touching moment of the matrimony here…

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