Ken Chan Production

Ken Chan Production is the product of Ken and his four associates, combining their experiences in the industry working with people from all walks of life. With a client base consisting of overseas’ graduates and professionals, Ken and his team were no strangers to wedding venues in the neighborhood countries including United States, United Kingdom, European, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and even India.

A mechatonic graduate, Ken ventured into the video production industry for plain passion and interest. As he invested his time and talent in this field, he gained greater confidence and contentment from his works, double assuring him that his venture into this industry is of a right decision and he will continue to further develop and sharpen his skill to improve and produce higher quality products for his clients. It is his dream to master in wedding video production for he believes there is no better opportunity than to see happy, smiling faces from the clients every day.  “It gives me tons of fulfillment to see the happy smiles on the couple’s faces. There is no other job that can win so many smiles in a day.”

Innovative and creative in style, Ken blended his learnings with the experience he picked up daily, making his production pieces more and more alluring as he grows in the industry. Remembering the sharing from veterans and friends in the field, Ken is forever grateful for the learnings gained: “I am thankful to have met people who are willing to teach and share. It’s not easy to find such great friends in this competitive and materialistic world these days. In returns, I’ll make no reservation in sharing my knowledge and skill with anyone who would like to explore this industry and will not be proud to continue in seeking advice to sharpen my skill in the future.

Ken production consists of four important pillars: The film producer who knows which angle and shot will make the best memory for the couple; A shooting assistant who looks into all areas, ensuring that the moments are crafted under the best condition and scene; A knowledgeable and skilled editor who can picked up the best scene at the shortest time for a quality Same Day Edit (SDE) clip; and their very own make-up artist who can be there throughout the shoot, making sure that the bride and groom are looking their best for all the shots. 

Our Differences


  • High Quality Same Day Edit

As the name reads, Same Day Edit (SDE) is a 5 minutes video clip that is produced on the same day of the video is done, usually within two to five hours upon the shooting is completed. During these few hours, the editor will select the best scenes that can tell the story of the couple, combining them with touching music and appropriate voice overs, to come out with a highlights clip that is played during the wedding dinner. At Ken Chan Production, Ken ensures that the SDE produced and looped during the wedding dinner of his clients are of the highest quality.

  • Equipments

Camera – Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 / Sony A7s Mark 2

With the upgrades and evolvements in the video production industry, professionals no longer utilize big and heavy cameras as what you see at TV stations for shooting. The upgraded version to 5D mark 4, the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 comes with improved autofocus system and low light performance and ever 4k resolution video recording, making the scene clearer and better even when it was taken at dark places or sites against normal lightings. This camera helps Ken to paint a better basic layer to his shots, before post editing takes place.

The Drone Shooting - DJI Phantom 4 & DJI Mavic Pro

As much as this is gimmicky, many people value the fact to have top view shots taken from up above the air in their videos. This is the right job for a Drone-shooting equipment which is remotely controlled by the producer to fly the camera up into the air to capture the scene from above. 


In film making and video production, the crane is used to take shots on a crane or jib. The crane is usually used to create a top view of the people from above or to move up and away from them, which is a common way of ending a movie. At Ken Chan Production, the crane helps to offer top view group shots of the bride and groom walking in the garden or beach with their “ji mui’s” or “heng tai’s”, turning a usual wedding video into a greater, grander scene, giving the sense of a filmed movie. 

Steadicam - DJI Ronin-M

Famously known for a camera stabilizer mount for motion picture cameras, this equipment helps to mechanically isolates the camera from its operator’s movement, producing a smooth and stable shot even when the camera is moving on fast pace or uneven surface. Ken uses this piece of equipment to eliminate the movements of the clips he takes, preventing his piece offers the same impression of the production of Blair Witch project.


Working with a small camera, a slider becomes important to slide shoots into smooth transition’s clips. One of the challenges most producers have is to pull off a time lapse shot as it requires individual frames to be shot across broad intervals of time. Ken Chan Production appreciates this piece of equipment to add cinematic flair into the wedding videos that they produce.