Amanda & Yi Ming

It is common that we witness wedding ceremonies that are filled with traditional custom and ritual as the bride and groom walks down the aisle, joined by their family and friends, to welcome the next step of life which can be unpredictable. 

Amanda and Yi Ming see beyond the tradition as they join hands to walk this unpredictable path together with a different approach. Themed wedding is not too unusual to many, but where the groom would brave the day by putting on a cheer lady outfit, lowering a man's dignity to match the standard of his beloved wife on their biggest day, and being recorded as one of the most important milestone in their life, is by far the bravest act that one could take to proof of his love for the woman of his life. For this, we are KenChan Production, salutes the bravery of Yi Ming and congratulates Amanda for having such a loving husband. Your future will be a blessing for sure!