Cecilia & Bond

Tying their knot in the city of Sydney, the oldest city in New South Wales known for its prominent position, historically, geographically, economically and socially, Cecilia and Bond have their love preserves in the most traditional, yet everlasting way; while expanding it further as they journey into the next chapter of life together. “As a new family begins, it expands,” so said the priest.

Housed in the most beautiful cathedral in Sydney, the couple sealed their solemn vow under the greatest blessing and wishes from their family members and friends. We look forward to the duplication and multiplication from this blissful marriage.

Ashley & Zhou

Ken & Amanda

Knowing each other at a hot spot in KL where everybody believes that relationship from that place would not last long, God has a better plan for Amanda and Ken. HE led them from being mere friends, to becoming partners in life. When the two become one, there shall be multiplication of laughter, joy, blessings, protection and favor.

It was a dream come true for Amanda especially with Ken promising her to be there for her through every season, till the end of days. By God's grace and God's blessing, the two shall be blessed with great multiplications of what God wants for them and their family. Click here to witness God's grace upon this lovely couple.

EnLi & Andy

Action speaks louder than words. With the little vow that he pledged when they first met some six years ago, Andy keeps his promise not only till the day he held EnLi's hand in holy matrimony in the church, under the witnesses of their family, relatives, and friends, and God, their creator, but also in days to come. Their relationship sustained and remained firm despite the cross countries and cultures' challenges. The principles for successful marriage were distilled on their big days, into three simple words: Love, Change and Accept, which the couple will always remember in their marriage, with God as the center of their life. Click here to find out what Andy's vow is.

Hann & Michelle

College life has always been the best! Free from stringent guidelines and disciplines that high schools had; For some, away from home to start an independent life without parental monitoring; Meeting new friends at the campus; Having fun around the clock even if you still had to wake up for classes at eight the next morning. Hann too, was like all the youngsters who enjoyed their college life, mischievousness yet brave to approach what he wanted. 

One day while walking along the college’s hallway, he saw this beautiful girl in yellow dress. Hesitated for a few seconds, he took courageous steps toward her to start a conversation. Even at the young age of 18, he saw something in her that he knew he should not forego. Eight years later, she was there, by his side, making their vow together, to be husband and wife. He promised: "As a ring has no end, by God’s grace, neither will my love for you." Touched with tears in her eyes and a shaky voice, the lovely bride thanked her groom for loving her whole-heartedly. 
In sickness and in health, these college sweet hearts pledged to continue loving each other, for many more eight years to go. Witness the touching moment of the matrimony here…