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What Couple Said About Us ?

Ken did an amazing job capturing our special moments and the emotions throughout our wedding day. We met him a couple of months prior to the day when we were back for holidays, and found him to be very professional and friendly. On the day itself, Ken (and his team) arrived in good time (very early in the morning) and was very enthusiastic (despite him having just gotten back from a holiday the week before and might have jet lag). It was great to see how he incorporated our vows, key messages of the pastor and the scenes from the dinner walk-in - the cinematography was great! It was a full day with only a few hours for him to put together the SDE but he did a fantastic job and chose a very appropriate song to go with the mood. Thank you for making our day stress free and we loved our videos!
— Natalie & Wei Shen
I engaged Kenchan Production for my wedding last December and was more than happy with what was delivered. Ken is a friendly and great guy to work with. We had no worries as to how his end product would look like because we trusted his professionalism and his wonderful team.. With Ken and his team, you know that you will be in good hands!!
— Koi & Heng
I’m so glad to have Ken and his team to film my wedding actual day! Very professional and creative! The same day edit video was amazing and I can’t wait for the full version video! Strongly recommended to everyone.
— Jade & Darren
Ken and his team is very professional and helpful in making our wedding a successful one. The video and SDE is amazing and exceeded our expectations! Thanks again for the beautiful memories and can’t wait for the final video.
— Terry & Jin
Ken Chan, you and your entire team were like ninjas on our wedding reception! We know you guys were filming us but somehow we did not notice your presence. Such a professional team! Always constantly providing suggestions to improve visuals and solve any problem! Loved the SDE video you did for us! Way more amazing than what we hoped for. Am really glad we get to engage you for our wedding.
— Natalie & Jeff
Ken and his team were very professional and a delight to work with. They knew what to do at every step of the way and made us feel comfortable with the whole process. The same day edit was beautiful and Ken even went the extra mile to add in the shots we requested for, even though he had a job the following day. We would definitely recommend him to all our friends and family. Let’s just say if you don’t book him it’s your loss.
— Mien & Hua Yu
Ken, Panny and the team are the most professional company I have dealt with. Their production acumen is outstanding and faultless. But not only that, they are the nicest and friendliest people you would ever meet. They made all of us feel comfortable and gave us a really fun and enjoyable experience. They worked so hard all day. The 5 Min same day edit was remarkable. Don’t even think of hiring anyone but Ken Chan Productions, you will not be disappointed one bit. We can’t wait to see the rest of video’s. Thank you Ken and Panny and the team!!
— Nick & Agnes Bilick, Perth, Western Australia.

Ken is a down-to-earth and adventurous guy who never fails to surprise me with his creativity in wedding cinematography. Just a month before my big day, I asked Ken if he needed any information / guide from me to give him ideas for the type of video I wanted. He told me that I need not worry and I could leave everything to him. True enough, his confidence and talent were proven through our wedding video highlights. Everyone enjoyed watching the Same-Day-Edit Video which was played during our wedding night, and until today, we still do feel emotional whenever we watch the video. Some of our guests from outside of Malaysia also came up to me and mentioned that they were so surprised to see the first wedding march-in and unity candle ceremony being played in the video. They said that Ken and his team were extremely efficient and competent. The drone clips were also amazing and breathtaking which gave different dimensions to our video. Overall, Ken is very reliable and consistent, which truly saved me from unnecessary headaches. Thank you Ken and your team for sharing the best with us. We are glad to have you as part of our big day and I’m sure you will make many many more couples as happy as we are
— Ye Vonn & Nicholas
My husband and I are extremely happy with the videos, a big thank you to Ken & the team! We actually saw his video in a friend’s wedding and we fell in love with his job. Without hesitation, we engaged Ken for 2 videos which includes the Love Story which is done in Paris and Prague & SDE. I rmb it was the first time for Ken to do video shoot in Europe and at first we were quite afraid that it would be quite a challenge for him cause he might not be experienced enough to create good shots for our love story, but nope, Ken managed to make really amazing shots and we really appreciate all the ideas he shared with us, and being helpful ALL THE TIME.
We are very, very impressed with all the videos. The video edit,the amazing drone shots, the background music and most importantly, the right angle of us! I definitely highly recommend Ken for anyone that is looking for a all rounder videographer for a romantic Love Story. We also received lots of compliments from family and friends for the amazing videos. Thanks a lot for making my wedding dream come true Ken & the team!
— Ashley & Jacky
Very happy with my video, I actually engaged Ken one day before my wedding. He managed to squeeze me in and it turned out great. He ensured that everything was going to turn out fine and it did. Of course I did my own due diligence and checkout his work prior to that and I was confident that he and his team wouldn’t let me down. High recommend Ken for anyone looking for a videographer, but you better book him early!
— Sze Liang & Ser Siang
Rarely do I appreciate a Videographer’s work, but Ken’s work is exceptional. Fell in love with Ken’s job 2 years ago upon viewing them in a friend’s wedding. Those “feelings” is indescribable. Enjoyed the whole video, admiring this young talented man’s job. And 2 years later, during my own wedding preparation, Ken Chan is the one and only videographer in my list. Booked him without hesitating as I knew I wouldn’t go wrong with Ken. Thank you Ken Chan and team for everything. Received many compliments of your work from family members, and my husband love them very much. Points added for your good service as well
— Joanne & Johson
Thank you Ken Chan for producing an excellent video for both josh and myself. The video quality was top notch and the edits encapsulated our wedding day beautifully. We also loved the drone views of our wedding and the fun that we had being part of the video. I highly recommend Ken & his team for their cinematography skills, friendliness and openness in partnering together with us! Thank you Ken & team for an excellent job
— Persis & Joshua . Singapore
Thank you thank you thank you Ken Chan and the team for the wonderful work that you have done. My guests and us really loved the final product. Thanks for the creative video which brings out your creativity and uniqueness as compared to other standard wedding videos. Love your team so much as they are forever so friendly and continue to work with smile even after a long day at work :D Thanks again Ken for everything!
— Carmen & Jake
Thank you KenChan and team from #yennyeug for bringing your creativity, professionalism, and expert eye into making our wedding day so fun and exciting. Our friends and family loved the makings and outcome of the video. All the aunties and uncles had never seen a drone in action before :) Can’t wait to receive the final product to relive our wedding day which ended too soon! Nothing but praises for you guys! Thanks again for making our wedding dreams come true.
— Yen & Eugene
Thanks Ken and the team for the marvellous job! Always a fan of your work! Just received the final products and I must say that it is different compared to most of the standard videos we’ve seen! Thanks for capturing all the touching and meaningful moments for us! Chris, myself and our families are very happy with the quality of your work. Choosing you guys was definitely the right decision! Thanks so much and hopefully we get to work together again!
— Chris & Rachel
dear Ken and team, Ben and I knew from the very first video we watched online while scouting out for wedding videographers that you were the one! You and the team were very professional and Attentive to our needs the whole time. We are in love with the videos and truth be told, it was probably one of the best decisions made for our big day, and that is to have all the special moments filmed by you so we can always relive the day even if it’s 50 years from now. So glad to see even the smallest details like the wedding deco being captured as well as the most important ones such as the vows and speeches. So much has happened that day and if it wasn’t for the videos we would not have remembered half of it. We loved especially the effect and edits that you’ve added to our videos. Overall it was a great experience working with Ken and his team... And the results, well it speaks for it self! We wish you all the success Ken.
— Ben & Greace . Perth, Western Australia
A big thank you to Ken Chan & Team, it was a breeze having you as our videographer on our wedding. After watching our SDE, we knew you were the right choice for us as you captured all the right moments that were precious to us. Really looking forward to the final video that will relive the memorable night for us!
— by Chen Jee & Edward
Love the video outcome! My guests and family compliments it a lot! Thanks for everything! The shots and angle were touching and lovely! My husband loves the flow of how you arrange the scenes very much. Thanks again!
— by Ema & Chris
Thank you KenChan and team from #yennyeug for bringing your creativity, professionalism, and expert eye into making our wedding day so fun and exciting. Our friends and family loved the makings and outcome of the video. All the aunties and uncles had never seen a drone in action before :) Can’t wait to receive the final product to relive our wedding day which ended too soon! Nothing but praises for you guys! Thanks again for making our wedding dreams come true.
— by Yen Tang & Eugene
When it came to selecting from a portfolio of videographers, my husband and I knew then and there that KenChan Productions was the one for us. We loved the their artistic style and the choices of music they used to “enhance” the emotional factor of each wedding. My husband and I live overseas and did not meet Ken until a few days before the wedding and when we were asked if there was any songs that we would like to use for our SDE, we just decided to leave it to the pro, and we have to admit, the song selection from Ken was absolutely perfect. Our friends and family watched the video repeatedly, and each time, the quality of the production has never failed to draw tears. Working with Ken and his team on the big day was an absolute pleasure, they were very professional and especially accommodating to our needs. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend KenChan Productions to anybody.

Ken, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing every single precious moment of one of the happiest days in our lives and making it forever for us.
— by Jean & Adrian

A new bride, Tracy Wong said: “It was a pleasant experience working with Ken Chan Production. There is no posing at the count of one, two, three and no repeated shots needed. Every shot taken was as natural, sharp and eye-catching! It was truly a wonderful experience working with professionals like Ken and his team.”
— by Tracy & Tony
“All of our friends watched the video several times, again and again. The way you’ve edited and inserted the voice over and the songs, complemented well with the video. We are very glad that we have chosen you to be our videographer. You are highly recommended to all my friends,” Terry, another satisfied client wrote in his feedback email.
— by Terry & Chrissie

For our actual day wedding on 31st August 2014 in Cyberview Lodge, my husband and I would like to show our gratitude and appreciation to this wonderful team by KenChan Production. It has been a great time to have them with us on our special day! We believe we have picked the right team to be our wedding day cinematographers. Ken and his assistant has been really professional in giving and doing their best even though we know it is really rushed for everything on that day but thank God things went well! Our guests are really enjoyed with your helicam and the whole process of the SDE video. KenChan production definitely recommended to all the future clients. We truly will recommend you to our families and friends!
— by Freeman & Catherine
“The interaction with Ken during the filming was awesome. He is a perfectionist who is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the ‘moment’ is captured and this created several joyous and fun moments for my wife and me. The filming was not intrusive at all and you are free to do anything, making it very natural. The feeling of creating our own memories through the help of Ken was simply magical,” commented Andrew Koh who once had problem reaching consensus with his wife, Caitlin, when searching for a reliable video production house for his big day.
— by Andrew & Caitlin

There is only one chance to film the wedding live. Therefore, it is imperative that the wedding cinematographer is at the right place, right time, and most importantly, has the right “eye“ to capture each endearing moment. Needless to say, the experience, creativity and video editing skills of a wedding cinematographer are what you need to look for in searching for an ideal wedding cinematographer.
With that in mind, we have chosen Ken Chan as our cinematographer for our most important day@30 th August 2014

Thank you Ken Chan and team for providing a fantastic video of our wedding. What you delivered to us far exceeded of our expectations, which were extremely high in quality ! You captured moments that we missed, and even the 4 min trailer brought back more emotions + memories that some photos could not! Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to relive this perfect day over and over!

Our wedding cinematography is a priceless investment so many special moments captured that we can watch and relive forever. I think every bride and groom needs a wedding cinematography to relive the day over and over again.
— by Jessie & Philip