Chris & Monique

Traditional weddings are always filled with a lot of customs, rituals and people whom the bride and groom may not even know. But in fact, weddings are about two persons, trusting each other so dearly that they choose to become one, and to live their remaining days on earth together, through storming nights and sunny days.

Chris and Monique understand this well, having their solemn day shared with only a good handful of family members and close friends. It was a beautiful wedding with a tweak in their marriage vow instead of the regular "I do" statements. The couple pledged: "Today, and always, I chose you..." Yes, indeed. It was a decision made. It was a declaration announcement, to the family and friends who attended the ceremony to be the witnesses for the couple in their vow for each other.

Today and always, they will live their lives together, hands in hands as a couple, in taking every step of life which has been paved for them. Click here to join the guests in witnessing the love of this loving couple.

Abigial & Gaspard

Datuk Seri Robert Tan and Datin Seri May Tan have spent their years bringing up apples of their eyes besides spending hours in the real estate business. Perhaps it's in the blood, just barely into her thirties, Abigail Tan, has made her name in the hospitality industry as a passionate hotelier. 

Now, more than ever, she has made her family proud again by taking THE pledge, making THe vow to step into the next chapter of her life, with Gaspard, her beloved husband who was incredibly grateful by the sincere hospitality and friendly welcoming given to him and his family, by each and every member of the Tan's family. 

Elegantly groomed into a remarkable women, Abigail is recognized to be a loyal friend, filial daughter and now, a daughter-in-law, and a loving person. Kind and forgiving, she was loved by everyone. During her wedding ceremony, in front of her family members and friends, she proudly announced that with Gaspard, she has seen her future, which is going to be an amazing ride. From the smiles on Datuk and Datin Seri's faces, we see the blessings from the parents to their beloved daughter. 

To Abigail and Gaspard, enjoy the ride! It's going to be a fascinating journey!

Stephaine & Levin

Couples are always concerned as they step into the 7th year of their relationship as many wonder if "Seven Year Itch" is real! Stephanie and Lavin have proven that this saying is not true when both parties trust and commit to each other. They have proven this statement wrong when they walked hand in hand down the aisle in the 7th year of their relationship. 

"Since young, Stephanie was known to be someone who loves being in love and someone who loves being loved," said Stephanie's childhood friend. "And Lavin fulfills that for her a hundred fold." What an awesome statement! 

Let's witness the matrimony of this lovely couple as they celebrated their Big Day with their loved ones in the beautiful Alila Villas Uluwatu on the romantic island of Bali.

Grace & Ben

To Ben, Love has always been hard. The distance between him and Grace had added onto the hardship. But being with Grace for the last 10 years, getting past all the trials, he had to agree that at the end, "it feels wonderful!" Grace on the other hand, could not forget the one trip that Ben made to see her for only two days among the countable dates they had in six out of the 10 years they were together. He extended his trip for another one day so that they can spend another day with each other. That was the time when they felt the importance of each other. "That one day means a lot to us." 

Sometimes, it's not a matter of how long you were beside each other that matters, but how long you wish to be with the person you love in the future that makes it counts. Grace and Ben, with God by your side, there will be many many more blissful and blessed moments for both of you to have and to hold, together in matrimony. Witness their faithful love for each other here...