1. Why would it be necessary to have More videographer?

When watching a drama or a movie, you always appreciate the multiple angles and facial expressions captured in the scene. Similarly, to produce a wedding video clip filled with chemistry and magic moments, or commonly known as love, another video camera with a professional videographer does spice up the taste. Besides, the extra camcorder would come in handy when there are too much details at site to be picked up.

2.What made Same Day Edit (SDE) so special?

SDE video clip is our core product. Over the years, we have seen people keeping their hour-long video in storage until no one remembers it. While wedding day is a big event in one’s life, many do not have the luxury of sitting there for hours, watching the entire video clips filled with hours of preparation works, tricks by the sisters, tea ceremony, and the lastly - the dinner. SDE gives you the highlights of each moment that you enjoyed in a short, single song edit. The SDE fits well as the highlight at the wedding dinner or leisure viewing after marriage.

3.When will I be able to receive the final version of my wedding video in DVD form?

The usual lead time is between two to three weeks after your wedding day during off-peak seasons (January to end August).

During peak seasons, from the month of September till year end, the delivery may be delayed due to the multiple assignments our team has on hand which we would appreciate your understanding and patience.

4.How to confirm a booking?

A deposit of 50% of the quotation in the form of Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer is needed together with a signed contract with agreement to the Terms and Conditions stated in the document to confirm your booking. Solid wedding date is required on the contract.

5. Why you need 4K Ultra HD video ?

In the past when DVD rom just founded, everyone felt DVD was the best mass production video media. Just few years after, Bluray came with Full HD (1080p) and yes it became the best mass production video media at the moment.
Now, the technology of high end video cameras could be up to 8K (rare models and must be very very expensive video camera) or mostly up to 4K video resolutions (still expensive, but not as crazy price as 8K video camera).

4K UHD will be a good investment for future viewing purpose, especially for wedding video. You may view your video still in clear and full of details even in 10 years in the future. We believed in the next few years Full HD (1080p) Bluray will face the same story as DVDs.


6.Other Concerns or Questions?

We believe that communications can help to avoid misunderstanding and clear doubts. Please feel free to contact us via facebook, email or the contact number provided in our Contact Us page. Thank you.


We Look Forward To Blessing You With The Best Wedding Cinematography Clip!