Tunku Jamie & Sarimah | Akad Nikah

The first is always the most memorable. For Ken Production and the crew, the wedding of Tunku Jamie Nadzimuddin and Sharimah Ibrahim is indeed a memorable one as besides being their first profile of Malay wedding, it is also an elaborated one - the Akad Nikah between a member of the Negeri Sembilan royal family with a local celebrity. The hall was filled with family members and friends who are either rich or famous. Reports had it that Sarimah had almost given up on love until she met Tunku Jamie. Let's wish for her prince charming to lead her into a life filled with magical moments and fairy tale.  

Asyraf & Nurin | Akad Nikah

Our brain drives our life, but our heart drives our soul. Love is all about affection - the feeling that tells you what you should do and who you should be with despite what your brain tells you. The groom, a pilot who has all the control over the airplane, directing the plane to move towards its destination, leading all its passengers to where they wish to encounter, has lost control over his own mind when he fell in love with Nurin, a lovely blogger who puts pieces of content into stories. From this day onward, Nurin will place every bits and pieces of Asyraf's life into a brand new story template - a story that is owned and only belonged to them, their very own, Journey of Love. Congratulations to the lovely couple.