Hann & Michelle

College life has always been the best! Free from stringent guidelines and disciplines that high schools had; For some, away from home to start an independent life without parental monitoring; Meeting new friends at the campus; Having fun around the clock even if you still had to wake up for classes at eight the next morning. Hann too, was like all the youngsters who enjoyed their college life, mischievousness yet brave to approach what he wanted. 

One day while walking along the college’s hallway, he saw this beautiful girl in yellow dress. Hesitated for a few seconds, he took courageous steps toward her to start a conversation. Even at the young age of 18, he saw something in her that he knew he should not forego. Eight years later, she was there, by his side, making their vow together, to be husband and wife. He promised: "As a ring has no end, by God’s grace, neither will my love for you." Touched with tears in her eyes and a shaky voice, the lovely bride thanked her groom for loving her whole-heartedly. 
In sickness and in health, these college sweet hearts pledged to continue loving each other, for many more eight years to go. Witness the touching moment of the matrimony here…

Wai Kit & Khy Ching

“In the beginning, God made male and female. This is why the man must leave his mother and the two become one body, and what God has united must not be divided by man.” This God fearing couple was united by God, and led through the journey by His grace. Understanding that family comes first, the couple pledged to love each other without reservation. Their vows touched their family members and friends who were with them at the sanctuary, witnessing the holy matrimony that signified the beginning of their lives together, as man and wife. May God bless you with a blissful marriage, Wai Kit & Khy Ching. Sincerely from all of us at Kenchan Production.

Amy & Joseph

Love = Give

No one person can demonstrate love without sacrifices. It was said that in order to see how successful a man is, you should look at the woman beside him. Amy was grateful to Joseph who have helped to turn her into a better person. Through giving and loving, the couple put their faith in God in blessing them with a good life together as they grow stronger in Christ. With God being at the center of their home, they will be able to lead a faithful and loving family in Christ.

Click here to view the holy matrimony of this loving couple. 

Jeremiah & Carmen

Blessing of Laughter

Both Jeremiah and Carmen are angelic followers of Christ. They have decided to start their next chapter of life as one in the house of the Lord. At this holy place, at the solemn moment that everyone is looking forward to – the time for the groom to read his vow, he got the entire congregation laughed out loud. Click here to check out the special moments that Jeremiah and Carmen had.

Timmy & Leng

The Sight of Love

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Thus says the book of the Lord. Leng promised when the road gets difficult, she choose to be a living example of Love. She chose to bring laughter and joy to the husband whom she submits to. Click her to experience the sight of love in this beautiful couple.